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With so many cruise buying options available today, it is nearly impossible to know if what you are paying is truly the best deal available for the exact date, cruise and category you want!


I have developed our service over the past 20+ years to help take the guesswork and anxiety out of cruise buying! At Free Cruise Club™, we compare the cruise deals from all cruise lines and over 50 online travel sources - and then WE MATCH or BEAT THE BEST DEALS and we include our 110% BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!

PLUS - not only do we guarantee the BEST PRICE on every cruise, and provide professional, personalized service, we give every Free Cruise Club™ member a chance to get their cruise... FREE! THAT'S RIGHT - FREE!!!

You begin with an immediate 200% RETURN* of your investment in FREE CRUISE CLUB™ - when you join today for our low annual membership fee of $49.95! Yes, we will GIVE YOU BACK DOUBLE your membership fee as an ADDITIONAL onboard credit of $100.00* on your cruise of 7 nights or longer... at the 110% GUARANTEED LOWEST RATE! Plus, you get access to non-cruise travel discounts of 5-50% on airfare, hotels, shore excursions, rail, independent & escorted tours and travel insurance, a subscription to 101 Travel Secrets, and, always, professional assistance with EVERY travel request you have - from true travel professionals - saving you time... and money! (*Limited Time Offer)

With FREE CRUISE CLUB™, you get the BEST PRICE, the BEST SERVICE, additional travel discount opportunities, and the chance to get YOUR CRUISE FOR FREE - everything the avid cruiser should get - and more!

One out of every 50 cruises sold will result in ONE MORE WINNER of a FREE CRUISE! It could be....YOU!!! Our FREE CRUISE drawings are held in public venues (yes, it's a great promotional opportunity) and we invite those in each drawing to attend if they can, and even to pick the WINNER!

As mentioned, we will also provide access to the 2016/2017 edition of 101 Travel Secrets to every member - my e-Book that gives you all the insider secrets to save the most on all your travel (with over $2000.00 in non-cruise travel discount offers. Publish date July 1, 2016)

Plus, you earn OCEAN MILES™ with every purchase, which can be used towards fuiture cruises - for upgrades, onboard credit, shore excursions, travel insurance and more!

So, why do we charge a Membership Fee if we give it right back to you on your first cruise purchase from us (of 7or more nights)?

It's really quite simple - as a "Member's Only" club, we are allowed to provide you with pricing not available to the general public! So, with a "club" or "membership" model, we ARE able to offer pricing that is, quite often, less than that offered by any other source!

But, even if you don't cruise often, Free Cruise Club's other travel discount benefits provide you with additional values that can reduce your travel and vacation costs - even if it'sonly on land, or through the air!

And what makes us the "experts"?

Our family roots in the travel industry go back to 1935 - over 80 years - and I have been selling cruises (for less) since 1974!

We are not "marketers" who decided to go into travel, we are travel professionals doing some unique marketing to bring our services to a wider audience.

They don't call me "Mister Cruise" for no reason !


Master Cruise CounselorPeter E. Coloyan, Sr., MCC (Master Cruise Counselor)
"Mister Cruise" Contact:
President & Founder, Free Cruise Club™
Celebrating 41 Years of Cruise Sales


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