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  • Why Should I Join Free Cruise Club?

  • Better prices, guaranteed lowest rates, proprietary deals and special offers that can ONLY be sold through a membership club, OceanMiles Frequent Cruiser Awards AND Free Cruises!

  • What are the Odds of Getting My Cruise Free?

  • Each Free Cruise Drawing has exactly 100 entries with ONE winner - no more, no less! if you purchase one cabin, you will have one entry into a drawing, and your odds of winning will be 99 to 1. If you refer a new Free Cruise Club Member who purchases a cruise through us, you will receive another entry. You will get one (1) entry into our Free Cruise drawing for each new member referral who purchases a cruise. You may earn as many entries as you wish, however, you may use only one "Referral Entry" in each drawing of 100. Odds of winning: 99 to 1 for each cabin. If you have two entries (one purchased cabin entry and one referral entry) in a single drawing, your odds of winning will be 98 to 2, or 49 to 1.

  • I Found My Cruise For Less - How Do I Get My 110% Back?

  • Free Cruise Club is proud of its reputation as the lowest price cruise retailer. Our sales and marketing teams continually shop the competition to ensure that our customers receive the lowest price possible at all times.

    We are so sure of our prices that we offer a 30 day, 110% BEST PRICE GUARANTEE with the restrictions set forth below. If, in the unusual event that you find a lower, verifiable price on the identical cruise arrangements (same date, category, etc.) that is available(a) from any of our competitors(b), within 30 days of booking your cruise with us, AND the cruise is NOT in the cancellation penalty period(c) from the cruise line, we will gladly re-book you at that price and refund you 110% of the difference. To receive your refund, you must email within 30 days of your original booking date and provide us your original confirmation and your proof of the cruise being sold for less.

    110% BEST PRICE GUARANTEE applies to publicly available rates, as well as cruise line promos (past passenger, resident, military, etc.) for which traveler DOES qualify, and excludes wholesale deals, bonus or free offers, rebates, finance offers, coupons, cruise line promos (past passenger, resident, military, etc.) for which traveler DOES NOT qualify, clearance, discontinued or closeout pricing, and proprietary rates (special affinity group, ship charter, specialty cruise space, etc.)

    a) Available means that it can be booked at that price when we receive your email. An advertisement is NOT proof of availability. Please DO NOT submit advertisements of any kind.
    b) Our competitors include all cruise lines, all OTAs (online travel agencies) and retail travel agencies which are members of CLIA, ARC or IATAN and are authorized and eligible to book the cruise line reserved.
    c) The "Cancellation Penalty Period" for cruise lines varies. Your confirmation will have the dates that cancellation fees begin. As a rule, most cruises enter the Cancellation Penalty Period between 100 days (long cruises) to 60 days (shorter cruises) prior to the cruise date.
    Cancellation fees increase as the cruise date gets closer.

    Why do we have this last restriction? It's simple, because of excess inventory availability, about 10% of cruises' prices are reduced once a sailing date enters the Cancellation Penalty Period, so that the cruise line is able to fill the remaining cabins at reduced rates.

  • Are Your Rates Really Lower, My Friend is a Part-Time Travel Agent and She Says She Has the Best rates?

  • The WORST way to buy a cruise? From the "friend-agent" who sells cruises on the side! Sorry, but the part-time travel agents do not have the resources or the knowledge to get you the best cruise deals! A business card does not make a travel professional - years of experience DO! And years of experience bring SIGNIFICANT VALUE to every sale made!

    Here is a REAL, and recent, and typical example: John B. and his wife are going on a Royal Caribbean Greek Isles cruise in May. They were quoted $3898.40 for a Junior Suite cabin for two, including tax, from the cruise line, online agencies, and a "friend-agent", who agreed to "kick back" $100.00. Cruise line airfare was $1288.00 per person (including tax and transfers). Total package price - $6474.40 Free Cruise Club put John B. in a Junior Suite for $3374.40, got their airfare for $878.20 per person, and transfers for $40.00 each, for a package total of $5210.80 - which is $1163.60 LESS than the "friend-agent" quoted them (with the $100.00 kickback included!) PLUS, we saved them $388.00 on four shore excursions - $1146.00 on cruise vs. $758.00 through us! Total Savings of $1551.60 vs. the $100.00 "kickback"! - WHAT MAKES MORE SENSE TO YOU?

    PLUS... Supplier special offers, added benefits are ALWAYS passed through to you! If you are eligible for any offers or discounts (senior citizen, past passenger, military, resident, etc.) that are available if you purchased from the supplier directly - you still receive them - they will be applied before your Free Cruise Club™ benefits are applied!

    PLUS... You will receive proprietary "Member's Only" offers on hotels, cruises, tours & vacation packages... up to 70% BELOW ADVERTISED PRICES! These special prices are NOT made available to the general public, and you MUST be a member to purchase them! Imagine Disney, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York hotels, major cruise lines, top tour operators, all-inclusive resort packages - at rates that are GUARANTEED to be lower than ALL advertised prices found anywhere! In fact, we have over 75,000 hotels & resorts worldwide at rates that cannot be beat!

    PLUS... Your Membership allows you to earn QUADRUPLE BENEFITS on most travel purchases:

  • Earn rewards points from your credit card;
  • Earn rewards points from most supplier loyalty programs (hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc.);
  • Get your Members Travel Club's Members Only un-advertised prices and 110% Guarantee;
  • Earn OceanMiles™ with eevery travel purchase - good towards future cruise purchases;


    Free Cruise Club™ can match, or beat, 99.9% of advertised prices for all travel services - and then, as a member, you will receive your appropriate discount savings!

    THAT'S REAL SAVINGS on the travel services YOU WANT!

  • Aren't the Best Prices Online, or From the Cruise Line Directly?

  • Each cruise line only sells THEIR CRUISES at THEIR PRICES! Go ahead, try calling cruise line "A" and ask them if cruise line "B" has a better deal for you - it doesn't work!

    Each online travel agency only sells their PREFERRED cruise lines at cruise deal prices, and ONLY on sailings where they have pre-reserved, blocked space. Otherwise, they offer the same prices as the cruise lines!

    We don't force you to buy from a marked-up price site! In fact, we encourage you to shop around and call the supplier directly to find out what the best price is for the travel arrangements you need. Then call us or buy a member's only deal! You will know you are getting great value out of your Free Cruise Club Membership EVERY TIME YOU USE IT!

  • So, What Makes US the "EXPERTS"?

  • Quite honestly, our roots in the travel industry go back to 1935 - 80 years this year - and I have been selling cruises for less since 1974! We are not "marketers" who decided to go into travel, we are travel professionals doing some unique marketing to bring our services to a wider audience.


    Did you know that over 20% of cruises will go down in price AFTER you have purchased (sometimes by hundreds of dollars or more)?

    Did you also know that most travel retailers - online and offline - will continually re-price your cruise and keep any price reduction as extra profit instead of passing it on to you?

    The largest retailers have entire departments dedicated to re-pricing your CRUISE. And, what if you book direct with the cruise line? I do not know of any cruise line that will automatically re-price your reservation if the price goes down. - every cruise line requires YOU or your TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL (US) to ASK for that reduction!

    Also, most inexperienced travel agents will tell you that re-pricing can only be done until cruise line cancellation penalties are in effect. MOST of the time, this is true - but not ALL the time! For example, if you purchased a $12,000.00 cruise for 2 which goes down to $9,000.00 right after penalties take effect, AND if the penalties for cancellation at that time are $500.00 per person, then it sure makes sense to re-price and save $2000.00, doesn't it! (Those big retailers with the re-pricing departments will definitely do this - and keep the $2000.00!)

Begin to plan a lifetime of extraordinary travel experiences - you CAN travel more using your Free Cruise Club™ Benefits!

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